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Everything You Need to Know About Financing Solar Panels 

Are you interested in a more sustainable and cost-effective way to power your home or business? Here at SolarQuote, we have solutions for you. Through our solar panel financing services in Fresno, you have the perfect opportunity to switch to solar without breaking the bank. On this page, we have provided information that should answer some of the potential questions you might have. 

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What Is Solar Panel Financing?

It is a contract between a homeowner and a third party loan provider, that allows them to take advantage of solar technologies with minimal upfront costs. We have numerous financial offerings from Solar Loans to PPAs (Power Purchase Agreements) that can best fit your financial needs. We are partnered with local & national financial resources. All are available to you, with a simple call or inquiry to our team. 

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Who Takes Care of the Maintenance?

If something has malfunctioned, all you must do is contact our team and we will schedule and fix the problem as soon as possible. Not to mention, you can get regular maintenance on your system that can ensure it is working efficiently all throughout the year. To learn more view our Maintenace Packages here!

How Do You Get Started?

This is the easiest question to answer of them all. Simply give us a call or message us online. One of our team members at SolarQuote will be glad to speak with you about our finance options and provide you with the next steps. In no time at all, you can off set your energy expenses without all the hassle of upkeep and at an extremely affordable upfront price.

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