How Can Solar Panels Save Me Money?

Solar panels on three homes

If your energy bills are becoming too much, it may be time to consider switching to solar power. Solar panels can be a reliable and cost-effective way to power your home or commercial building. But how can you tell the investment will save you money?

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost?

The cost of solar panels varies depending on multiple factors, including how many panels are needed for your home and which state you live in. According to EnergySage, the average cost of solar panels for a home in the U.S. is $20,650. However, this is down from over $50,000 just ten years ago, showing a trend in affordability for solar energy.

How Much Can Solar Panels Save?

Because of federal solar tax credits and the efficiency of solar panels, which can produce enough energy for your home, solar panels can save you more money than traditional uses of electricity. In California, solar panels are estimated to save over $76,000 over 25 years.

How Does Solar Energy Save Money?

The price of electricity is currently stagnant across the U.S. Because of the high prices, solar panels can help save money. The factors that contribute to solar panels being a reliable and cost-effective course include:

  • The cost of installation dropping in the past decade
  • The federal solar tax credit can save up to 26%
  • Reduces your monthly electricity bill
  • Solar panels are long-lasting and bring continued efficiency

Work with Solar Panel Installation Experts

At SolarQuote, we have deep knowledge of the proper installation of solar panels to maximize efficiency and the right system for your home. We offer financing options and maintenance services to ensure your solar energy system remains the most affordable energy solution for you.

If you are interested in installing solar power for your home or business, contact SolarQuote at (559) 245-5577 for a free quote.

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